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Namaste, and thank you for logging into Cityogi.


I’m Celest the founder and it is my passion to get more people moving! I especially love teaching the tricky aspects of yoga, so click here to check out my weekly YouTube blog for break down of some groovy postures :)

If you're a busy city progessional you probably spend hours sitting, so click here to download your own free Yoga at your Desk wall chart. This chart contains stretches and simple yoga poses to keep you feeling relaxed, pain free and ultimately more productive at work. The best part is they are really easy.


Finally, it'll be awesome to see you in one of my classes in London. Click here for my timetable.

If I don't see you on the mat, keep practicing and have fun!



Latest Videos / Back Bend from Plank

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    TO BOOK CLICK HERE NOW    4th April - 7:45-9:45pm   In this workshop Baris Yazaar and I will be teaching you how to fall out of a handstand easily. This will enable you to practice handstands in...
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